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Our Purpose: We have one goal regarding Vancouver Traffic. To provide the commuters of Vancouver BC and the lower mainland the most current and accurate visual Vancouver traffic information in two clicks or less. Our traffic pages will give you every possible traffic camera for your route, on just one page. So whether you live in Surrey BC, North Vancouver, Maple Ridge or anywhere else in the lower mainland, we have a page for you to bookmark and use on a daily basis.

We will help you find the quickest route to your destination. Save time and hassles by picking the best routes to get where you’re going. Traffic cameras are the most reliable resource for Vancouver traffic. You can’t question the accuracy of what you see with your own eyes can you?

How many times have you listened to a traffic report only to find that the problem area didn’t even exist? In my experience, you can’t honestly trust what the radio is telling you. It’s why you see new technologies like Twitter being used for current and accurate traffic reporting. The best and most reliable traffic report is? Cameras. A camera doesn’t lie and you can see with your own eyes what is happening. Plan your Vancouver BC and lower mainland travel routes according to what you see. It’s that simple!


Paving the way to removing the viaducts at downtown Vancouver

Things are moving quickly regarding the possibility of removing the Vancouver viaducts. There are hurdles to overcome, but sometimes it’s better to accepts what’s happening than to fight it. I think clearly the agenda with Vancouver city council is to have them removed. They were voted into office on being more environmentally friendly, more bike friendly, and ultimately a bit less concerned about cars and vehicles. People voted and most likely will be in power next term. If the greater majority want more green space, then there isn’t a lot that can be done. If you’ve taken a street like Dunsmuir into downtown Vancouver you will pretty much realize the addition of the bike lanes have turned that route into something much less desirable. If the viaducts provided a main artery into and through downtown, then they become more necessary. If anything, those routes are far less critial in 2013 and into the future. In a sense the city has been paving the way for the removal. If the mayor campaigns on the removal of the viaducts then it’s going to take a lot of action on the part of the voting public to counter this removal. Although city council has approved the final planning phase for the eventual removal, it could take a couple years before they are actually removed.


Paying to cross the border? Stay tuned.

I’m sure you hear the latest. Without getting into the nitty gritty of the story, essentially the US government is looking at charging all vehicles crossing the border into America. They are calling this a U.S. security fee and will help the homeland security’s 2014 budget. It’s being looked at right now and nothing is official just yet.

Are you like me and consider this a done deal already? To me it seems like most other taxes or fees that we are constantly dealing with. Governments and Municipalities have an ability to push things through. A fee to cross the border? Just add it to the long list of additional fees and taxes we all pay to drive in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Yes there will be a lot of noise. There will be an uproar and many claims that it’s going to collapse the economy of the state side businesses. Although likely, those voices may not be able to remain loud enough and for long enough. When it comes to paying for things like homeland security, it’s easy for the government to justify pushing it through. The sales pitch? The US needs increased security and that costs money and we need the additional funds which would be provided by a border crossing fee.

I know in BC when the HST was introduced it was doom and gloom. I’m pretty sure none of us liked the fact that we were paying it, especially on things like meals out at restaurants. That said, did we stop going to restaurants? Did we make that extra HST tax stop us from going out to eat? Maybe at first, but I think pretty quickly people just accepted it and moved on. Feel free to disagree in the comments section.

I’m just saying everyone should prepare their minds for another extra fee for driving and traveling across the border.

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